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What Game are You Playing?

Years ago, I’d compare myself to others.

It took me 7 years to graduate college.

My circumstances were much different than the average person’s.

I was disappointed that it took me 7 years to do what took most 4 or 5 years.

Then, after graduating, all I saw were my peers taking endless trips.

Buying endless things…

Having endless fun…

It seemed like everyone had a bottomless pit of money to throw around that allowed them to live this high-quality lifestyle.

Meanwhile, debt collectors were calling me endlessly from 8am until 6pm.

One call after another…

To this day, I hate phone calls because of how frequently they’d call.

While everyone else had a bottomless pocket of money, I apparently repelled money.

A random apartment I lived in years ago suddenly needed money.

Credit card bills I didn’t know I had suddenly needed money.

Endless car issues meant the mechanics kept taking my money.

Student Loan debt collectors also wanted a piece of my money pie.

Even when I tried to start a side hustle to earn extra income, some bill would come and liberate me from my income.

The last straw was the scammer from Kazakhstan who decided to take the last crumb off of my money plate.

For a while, I felt like an absolute loser.

It seemed like everyone was living easy lives and coasting while life was hammer-fisting me in the jaw day after day.

And while it wasn’t fun or pleasant at the time, I’m immensely grateful.

Because those fists knocked sense into me.

And made me realize that I was playing the wrong game.

I was trying to play the money game like everyone else.

Make money, take trips, have fun, and listen to societal norms.

The end.


I was playing an entirely different game.

One that was ultimately about conquest.

A game that players would even be willing to play, let alone survive.

I’ll go deeper in the next email.

But until then, ask yourself this question:

When it comes to the game of life, what game are you playing?

Stay tuned…

And keep killing it.

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