Do you want the secrets to absolute mastery of your life?

Learn the skills and tactics used to stop procrastinating and get more done in a day

In this course, I teach you some of the skills and special tactics that I use in order to maximize my day and get far more done.
During my time in college, I studied some of the productivity hacks and secrets from some high-level performance coaches such as Brendan Burchard, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Craig Ballantyne just to name a few. 
Prior to using the techniques presented in this course, I was an 18-year old that consistently felt lost.
Every day I'd wing the day and simply give in to what my emotions dictated. Needless to say, this added to my feeling of inadequacy. 

Over time, I'd watch others get more done and live amazing lives. Meanwhile, I constantly stayed the same--always feeling as though something was missing. 

What allowed these people to get so much done while I couldn't?

What allowed these people to be in shape, go to great parties or fun trips, and make more money?
Suddenly, things changed once I helped my friend plan out a single, productive day day. The feeling of accomplishment was invigorating. Immediately, it clicked. Productivity made me feel this way. It felt good to get things done. 

But how could I consistently feel this way? Time Management.

This was the secret I was searching for. 

This is what separated those that led fulfilling interesting lives from the rest off society that never accomplished anything. 

I studied relentlessly to figure out the best practices to use to make myself more productive and maximize my time. 

In this short course, I walk you through exactly what I do to remain consistently productive throughout the year. 
Using these techniques that I'll share with you I've done the following:
- Wrote a 200-page book in under 5 months

- Run a business while studying for LSATs and maintaining a high GPA in a competitive college

- Created a video series that showcases business owners and influencers while working a full-time job

- Achieved a consistent daily balance that allows me to meet new people, manage my Real Estate business, and still have time for consistent fun

- And more...
Understand that everyone on the planet has the exact same 24 hours in a day. The difference between you, me, your neighbor, and someone like Jeff Bezos or Dwayne Johnson is simply a manner of how you use your time. 

Don't go another day without knowing the secrets and techniques to maximize your 24 hours. 

What Others Have Said...

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I found Lenny’s course incredibly helpful. He shared wise, non-generic advice on time management that I found beneficial when it comes to managing my own time. I go back and watch his videos a lot and it helps me kick my butt back into gear on those days I don’t feel like doing anything productive. I highly recommend this course. It really helped me and it will help you too!