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Lenny Richardson, more commonly known as Leviticus Rich, is the owner of Leviticus Enterprises and helps people unlock a "Better Lifestyle" by teaching others about the Pillars of Eudaimonia. Leviticus has written several books including Don't Buy a Home Until You Read This, 27 x 27, and Better Than Gold. In addition, Leviticus has also worked in the law industry and Real Estate industry. He was also previously the co-owner of a company known as Affinity and was previously the owner of a business known as TheGymStop. 

Leviticus has been a guest on several different shows and podcasts and is the host of the podcast Meeting VA, which platforms many influential figures in the DMV area. 

Early Life

The early life of Leviticus always involved a mix of high-level academic performance. Throughout all of Grade School and high school, Leviticus expressed an entrepreneurial drive and developed an online gaming platform known as Sentou Gakuen, helped reinstate the Martial Arts Club, created a card game that he sold to fellow students from the age of 10-12 (all handwritten, drawn, and packaged by himself), spoke as the Keynote Speaker at the National Young Leader's conference in Washington DC at the age of 12, and took 16th place out of 64 a Robotics Competition in Washington DC at the age of 16. 

Turning Point

In college, things took an interesting turn for Leviticus. While attending college at Pennsylvania State University, Leviticus was sent a letter explaining that he was unable to return to college due to financial issues. Around that time, Leviticus had been battling depression and worked several jobs simultaneously, still barely able to stay financially afloat. Some of these jobs included a Gas station attendant, a Walmart employee, a manager at a retail store, a copywriter for a local startup, and a dishwasher/busser at a local bar. 

While battling depression, struggling to pay rent, gaining weight due to poor eating habits, and struggling to find a partner, Leviticus knew he needed to change his life. Around this time, while developing a habit of reading a book a week, Leviticus fell in love with classic Greek Philosophy and discovered a concept known as Eudaimonia, which he helps others apply to their lives currently.  

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