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what is the better life project?

The Better Life Project is a 6-part series of Classes and Workshops in which industry experts
share their professional perspectives and lessons with the audience. The main objective of these
talks is to provide valuable and applicable information in the categories of Health, Finance, and
Interpersonal Relationships.

Why did I decide to create the Good Life Project? While in college, I found myself in
predicaments in which I was forced to leave college on two separate occasions. While unable to
take courses, I found myself in libraries frequently, simply trying to learn more about life, money,
and what I could do to get myself out of my less-than-favorable circumstances.

As I read different books I eventually began to dive into philosophy books. Through reading
philosophy, I learned about Eudaimonia, which can be translated as The Good Life or The
Flourishing Life. Eudaimonia is effectively a model of how life should be lived if we, as humans,
wish to maximize its potential. Socrates is one of the primary pioneers of this concept and he
suggested that in order to achieve Eudaimonia, one must achieve a high level of proficiency in 3
pillars. These 3 pillars are Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

After hearing about this concept and applying it into my life, I began to notice significant
improvements in the overall quality of my life. In pursuing health, I’ve become more energetic. In
pursuing wealth, I’ve found myself less stressed and less mentally taxed. In pursuing
relationships, I’ve found myself more at ease. As a whole, pursuing these 3 pillars consistently
provides me with a sense of personal fulfillment.

My goal is to help others recognize these pillars and improve their lives by gaining insights from
industry experts that specialize in these pillars.

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