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The Book of Leviticus Chapter 1 - Society Is not Designed for You to Win

I learned valuable lessons when it came to society several years ago.

Whatever the masses are doing, it’s almost always best to do the exact opposite.

Society does not promote an environment in which the individual is set up to thrive. Society is constructed for the group. Even worse, it’s designed for the slowest and the weakest of the group to survive.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone deserves an opportunity to keep up and get ahead.

However, society’s approach almost caters to the disadvantaged to the point of encouraging being at a disadvantage. Society is created so the group can win. But as an individual, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the group or individuals will prosper.

Society is an ant colony.

The individuals are the ants.

In the modern era, you’re taught to be a consumer, waste time, stress about everything, and have developmental health disorders. Again, this benefits the collective. But this ultimately hurts the individuals within a society.

Many people are fooled into thinking society caters to individuals.

They believe that society is concerned about their well-being,

They see welfare, beneficial laws and policies, and free items as beneficial.

It’s not. A farmer will fatten the cow up not for her own hunger or benefit. He does it because he’d like to make a great profit once he inevitably is sent to the slaughter. Whether the cow becomes aware of this is irrelevant. As long as the farmer knows what will happen, the plan is in motion.

People in society aren’t much different.

A society stays alive by feeding on those that believe in it. These people cling to the day that society will provide them with what they’ve waited for. A chance at massive wealth with little effort...

Free housing...

Education at no risk...

These things are impossible to achieve.

And society understands this.

But with a promise, society can make its citizens sacrifice themselves on a wish.

Understand that it’s up to you to formulate a win.

Society will never force you or directly allow you to win. It’s 1000% up to you.

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