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Seriously, so far this year, could you tell me what you've accomplished if I asked you?


Would you be able to give me a list of achievements that have moved you closer to your goals?


If this question made you pause for a moment, it's fine. 


This is how most people react. 

The reality is that for most people, life is the same experience playing on repeat.

Nothing ever truly changes. 


Most people have big goals and dreams for themselves. 


And yet they can't seem to find the time, the energy, or the focus to make progress. 


Let me ask you a question. 


What if you could...

Never procrastinate again?

✅ Feel like every day is productive?


Have pride knowing that every day, you've made real progress toward your goals and dream?

✅ Get more results with far less effort?

✅ Have time for your hobbies, loved ones, your favorite TV shows, or all of the above?

If any of these sound good to you, you're in luck. 

It's all possible. 

And it's very simple to do. 

You just need the right system. 


Hi, I'm Lenny Richardson (AKA Leviticus Rich)


Over the past few years I've appeared on numerous podcasts, written several books, and mentored hundreds of students by sharing a profound yet long-forgotten concept that helped legends like the conqueror Alexander become Great. 

That concept is known as Eudaimonia


What is Eudaimonia? Simply put, it's the steps to living a good life. 


Over the years, while trying to live a life of Eudaimonia myself and teaching others what's helped me, I realized something. 


At the core of living a good life, one must have great time management skills. 


Once I realized this, I was struck like a bolt of lightning to a rod. 


Time management is the foundation of everything. 


Time management is what allows the bodybuilder to balance his schedule and achieve a great physique at the same time. 


Time management is what allows the busy college student to maintain straight As and land her dream career. 


Time management is what allows the new mother and father to have time for themselves and their kids without their heads exploding. 


The key to a great life is simply time management. 

This is How Time Management Helps Me!

Working on my Health and Fitness.png

Each of these things makes my life more fulfilling and truly makes life worth living. 


Of course, these are just the ways I use my time. 


How you choose to live a great life is 100% up to YOU


It's not up to your parents. 


It's not up to your friends. 


It's not up to society. 


It's up to you


So what does a great life look like to you?

A great life involves using your time effectively to map the life you'd like to live while minimizing or getting rid of all of the bad stuff that comes with it. 

Living a Great Life isn't an accident. 


It's intentional. 


But it doesn’t need to be complicated. 

The reality of living a great life comes down to a few key principles: 


            Know what you want

            Create a well-defined plan. 

            Focus on a very small handful of the most important tasks each day                 that lead to the completion of your plan
Be consistent

            Do this until your plan is complete

            Repeat the process and watch how much you'll achieve in no time without
            much effort


This process is simple. But getting started can be tricky. For some, getting into the groove of following these 6 simple steps can be a mild challenge. But once the ball gets rolling, everything becomes far easier. 


And that's where I come in. 






Leviticus Rich


In this program, I'll help you:


✔️ Define a goal that fits the life YOU want to live. Not the life everyone expects you to live

✔️ Craft a simple-to-follow daily plan that guarantees you're making progress every day without ever being burnt out or overwhelmed

✔️ Create key performance indicators that will help you stay on track

✔️ Learn the simple techniques and strategies I've used and mastered in my own life to easily focus and never procrastinate

✔️ Design your version of a Great Life and help you reach Eudaimonia


Most productivity coaches or programs that overwhelm you with excessive morning routines, meditation practices, guides, and charts you need to constantly fill out and keep track of.

However, Productivity Mastery focuses on stripping away the fluff and focusing on what really matters...


Getting more done in less time while still being able to enjoy life.

How Productivity Mastery Will Help You

As a Productivity Mastery member, you'll receive:


My Proven Time Management System to Maximize Productivity in 30 days or less. 

My unique system that guarantees daily productivity with little effort and without the stress or burnout of most productivity routines.

My clients say that my system dramatically boosts their productivity and helps them achieve far more in the first week alone.

My unique system that guarantees daily productivity with little effort and without the stress or burnout of most productivity routines.

The steps of this system are:


  1. Goal Identification - We work together to figure out what your top goal(s) are/is

  2. Prioritization - We work together to eliminate the activities that produce the least results or no results. We also focus on what truly works so you can focus on the activities that really move the needle forward in your life. 

  3. Schedule Audit - We work together to craft your perfect day. Your perfect day allows you to be productive while offering time to actually enjoy your life. 

  4. Progress Assessment - We review your progress every week to make sure you’re staying on track. This is done by going over strategies to build good habits and remove bad habits.

  5. Refinement - We work together to make each week better than the last. 

Weekly Calls 

Every week, I’ll follow up with you during a 30-minute video call to discuss your progress and assess any pitfalls you have. Together, we’ll work on strategies to help you accomplish your goals and fine-tune your productivity. 

Daily Texts 

Sometimes you have questions that might be urgent. I completely get this. If you do, I’m always available daily to answer questions related to productivity and tackling your core goals. 


You won't be doing this alone. Our regular check-ins will keep you on track and motivated.

Real Results 

Whether it’s my time management or my private coaching, I often get feedback from others about how helpful my content has been and how much it helps people improve. Typically, clients see a massive boost in their productivity within 1-2 weeks.  

No Questions Asked Refunds 

If at any point you’re no longer interested in the coaching or if you simply think you have the life you desire, you’re free to cancel anytime. If you’re dissatisfied with the service, I offer a full refund for that month, no questions asked. 

Don't Forget These Bonuses!

As a member of Productivity Mastery, you’ll also get access to…




This short presentation will give you an easy-to-follow, 3-step process to kickstart your productivity and get more done instantly. 


Untitled design (4).png

I always recommend my clients use a planner to schedule their entire day from start to finish.

A planner is one of the simplest yet greatest tools in one’s arsenal when it comes to truly making progress on one’s goals and seeing objective results.

My One Percent Better Master Planner will provide a template to allow you to take control of your routine while also guiding you through other metrics to help you achieve and maintain personal success.



Focus is absolutely necessary for growth and achievement. In an era where the average person’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish, the ability to focus long enough to achieve your goals is a superpower.



How you perceive yourself determines your life. If you believe you are unproductive and unable to achieve anything, you will act accordingly.

However, if you view yourself as highly productive with unlimited energy, you will behave as such. In this 60-minute course, I show you the steps I used to shift my identity and how you can do the same to achieve your long term goals effortlessly. 



Every phase of life requires different strategies to achieve one’s goal. Through these 4 case studies, I walk through 4 different avatar’s problems and goals. Each avatar is at a different phase in their life and has different goals.

Throughout these case studies you’ll watch me transform the following avatars from unproductive, unstructured, and struggling to thriving and on track with their goals while having more free time.



Eudaimonia is a classic Greek philosophical concept known as the good life. It involves one breaking down their goals into pillars that fall under Health, Wealth, and Relationships to live their ideal lifestyle.

In this 45-minute masterclass, I walk you through the concept of Eudaimonia and the steps you can take to begin living your ideal lifestyle.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I had no routine or structure in my life. My poor mindset, my lack of progress, and my high stress were the result of this lack of structure.

I would have done anything for someone to sit me down and show me exactly what to do.

Someone who could show me how to pick the key things that mattered.

Someone who could give me strategies to focus more and procrastinate less. 


Someone who could motivate me on those days when my energy was low.

Someone who used these strategies to become a top podcast host in his area, write multiple books, stay in great shape, and have a fulfilling social life, all while being consistently told about how carefree he seems.

Someone verified by multiple trusted media outlets and has appeared as a guest on numerous shows/ and podcasts. 


But don’t just take my word for it, see what others say about my coaching program. 


By the way, if you’re not sure if this program is for you, join me for a 45-minute one-on-one session, 100% FREE

Ask yourself:

  • How much would you love to feel less stressed everyday?

  • How much would you love to feel more productive and competitive than your peers without constantly burning yourself out?

  • How much would you love to have the freedom to do more of the things you love, guilt-free?

  • How much would you love to never feel jealous again over someone’s social media posts or videos - because your life is shaping out the exact way YOU want it?


Having a great life doesn’t need to be difficult.

It just takes a little bit of work each day and an easy to follow system. 


(A helping hand wouldn’t hurt either). 


You don’t have to do it alone...

Or figure it out for yourself...

Or procrastinate for even another day.

Use my simple process and begin to enjoy stress-free, high productive days today.


Join Productivity Mastery with Leviticus Rich today


Annual subscriptions

The annual subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Submit a request via text to 571 762 1637 or via email at within the first 30 days of placing an annual subscription order to receive a full refund. Once we process the refund, the course and community access will be immediately terminated. 

Monthly Subscriptions
Monthly refunds should be submitted no more than 5 days into the month to be provided with a full refund. Any refund request made after this 5 day period will be considered a refund request for the upcoming month. 

Submit a request via text to 571 762 1637 or via email at within the first 30 days of placing an annual subscription order to receive a full refund. Once we process the refund, the course and community access will be immediately terminated. You will maintain access to the courses and community until the end of your current subscription period. 

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