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27 X 27: Twenty-Seven Lessons Over Twenty-Seven Years

27 X 27: Twenty-Seven Lessons Over Twenty-Seven Years

Benjamin Franklin is attributed with the phrase, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. My philosophy: why not try and do both?

A few days ago, my book 27 x 27 dropped. I wrote this book for a few different reasons. In part my goal was to share more of myself with anyone interested in reading. I believe that we are most attracted to transparency and the willingness to open up about ourselves. In the modern world, being transparent is a scarce commodity. We’re overly concerned with making ourselves look like celebrities in the eyes of our peers. We’re concerned with our public image. We only display the highlights of our lives and we try our absolute best to never display the difficult, emotional, or tumultuous times that really define us--the moments that actually build character.

My other goal was to leave something behind, just in case. I go a bit deeper into this in the first chapter of the book but for some strange reason, I had the idea that I would die in 2020. The logic behind it was nonsensical overall. I had no true reason to believe I could die, but it was a strange feeling. I had the belief that I’d either die in 2020 or become successful.

I figured that even if the chance of dying was unlikely, it wouldn’t hurt to write something that I could leave behind that could be valuable to others. Suddenly, 2020 actually came around and my fear suddenly began to feel more realistic as a certain virus that shall not be named and a variety of other strange challenges and issues surfaced.

With this in mind, I decided to just write.

I decided to write about 27 lessons that I learned during my 27 years on the planet that I

thought would be helpful. This book took me about 4 months to write, edit, and get published and I enjoyed the process of waking up early, heading to my local coffee spot and typing away for hours. It was therapeutic. And it helped me relive some old memories that were slightly suppressed or forgotten.

I don’t want to get too deep into the actual substance of the book in this short article--this is primarily to tease the article a bit and create curiosity. However, I will list the chapters below. Perhaps you’ll see a chapter or two that might be interesting.

  • Discipline is Vital

  • The Most Important Question You Can Ask

  • Always Strive to be One Percent Better

  • True Altruism is Secretive

  • Rest is Critical

  • There’s no Glory in Proving Your Intelligence

  • Attention is Currency

  • Life is a Series of Never-Ending Caves

  • If You Discover a Gap in Cognition, it’s Your Responsibility to Fill it

  • Women Won’t Solve Your Problems

  • Excessive Comparison Will Rob you of All Joy

  • The Obstacle is The Way

  • Fear is an Illusion

  • Solitude is Terrifying but Necessary

  • Time is the Ultimate Resource

  • Experience is Not Created from Age

  • Happiness is a Choice

  • Everything is Your Fault

  • Great Risk Leads to Great Accomplishment

  • Good and Bad Don’t Exist

  • Draw Conclusions Independent of Groupthink

  • Always Move Toward Your Destiny

  • Don’t Settle for a Reality You Didn’t Choose...But Be Realistic

  • Become Limitless

  • Seek Eudaimonia

  • Humans Are Social Animals. The Animals We Roam with Determine the Path we Walk

If you’re interested in buying the book, please use this link to purchase a copy. I’d absolutely appreciate the support and I’d love to hear your feedback and what you thought about the book!


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