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Are You an Elephant?

I’ve been told this…

That an elephant can be tied to a stake while it’s young.

It will struggle as a child, mentally powerful and ambitious…

But it won’t break free from the stake because it’s too weak physically.

As time progresses, the elephant accepts its weakness.

It never actively notices this.

It subconsciously internalizes this.

As an adult, the elephant is powerful.

What should be a gentle tug will easily free it from the stake that bounds it.

But now, the elephant is mentally weak and has been conditioned to believe the stake is normal.

Day by day, the presence of the stake took hold of its mind and compelled it to believe it was powerless.

Gradual compliance.

So slow that the elephant forgot a time when it was free…

Before it was ever bound by the stake.

And, unfortunately once the elephant BELIEVED in its powerlessness, it objectively came true.

Eventually, the elephant won’t need to be bound by a stake…

Because the stake has been embedded into its subconscious.

As humans, we are the elephant. We are conditioned to behave and act in certain manners.

Over time, our sense of self…

Our freedoms…

Our curiosity…

Our creativity…

It gets eroded.

By that point, it becomes nearly impossible to go back to our untethered self.

Are you an elephant?


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