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This Is The Most Important Message You'll Read All Year →Why Everyone Will Struggle In 2024

2023 is gone and 2024 is here. Are you happy?

Should you be? This year is going to be a game-changer for A LOT of people.

I sense an interesting year ahead of us. The question is, will you win? Or will you lose?

If I’m being completely honest, there’s a big chance you’re going to lose. Sadly, life is a game that only a few can win.

And if you felt a twinge of anger or a feeling of being attacked, that’s a sign you’re losing and you’re going to get CRUSHED.

I’m gonna keep it real with you.

Society is 100% out to get you. It’s no longer a secret. Society is quite literally showing it’s hand because he thinks there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

Think about it for a moment.

All of the key pillars I go on and on about.

Health, Relationships, Wealth…

All are being attacked in real-time.

Your physical health is being attacked through the garbage foods constantly being pushed on you (at least if you’re an American where foods and chemicals that are banned worldwide are still allowed).

Your mental health is constantly being stretched and worn out by an overcompetitive marketplace and workforce, technology and companies actively trying to steal all of our attention, and the weaponization of female sexuality to lower your testosterone and make you lazy and complacent.

Your wallet’s being drained. Taxes keep going up. Money is being sent to other countries — money that you earn with your labor and time.

The money that you now work 2 (or 3) jobs to earn is also worth less and less every day as more is being printed. Buying assets is becoming impossible as we sit on mountains of predatory credit and student loan debt.

And to top it off, some countries are actively trying to destroy the US dollar while others are looking to force everyone to use a cryptocurrency (to tax us all harder and make sure not a penny is hidden from Uncle Sam).

Even your relationships are being destroyed. Everyone’s being conditioned to stay inside and stay apart. Comradery is being broken down. The every man for himself mindset is being promoted. And let’s not forget that there’s a gender and a sex war.

If you have certain views on gender, you’re a bad guy. If you believe in traditional masculinity, you’re a bad guy. If you detest tne modern, hypersexualization of women, you’re a bad guy. This creates a divide between men and women. Even more division is created as a result.

Like I said, society is out to get you. And most people will lose. Most people are losing.

But it doesn’t mean you have to lose.

While things are rough and are only getting worse, there’s excellent news.

The bar is set insanely low.


Most men are overweight and most of those men are obese. Most men have terrible health and low testosterone (the hormone that makes a man masculine).

Most dudes are broke and struggle to find a decent-paying job, let alone invest it.

And don’t even get me started on dating or having a quality social circle.

Many men rely on p0rn or watching Twitch girls (who are openly allowed to promote nudity on these platforms even though men still get punished for following the exact same rules).

And even more men can barely hold a conversation.

Again, the bar is set SUPER LOW.

That’s where you come in.

As long as you exercise a little, have decent social skills, and can make a little bit of money, you’re a winner. You’re leagues ahead of literally everyone else.

You’ll win in 2024 if you dominate in these 3 areas and outperform everyone else around you.

That’s where I want to help you.

As you may or may not know, I created a small, private network known as The Round Table, last year. The goal of the group is to help members level up in these key areas and turn them into life conquerors.

Within the group, you’ll find like-minded people dedicated to powering forward and achieving their goals at any cost.

And you’ll also find free courses, accountability, and resources to help you along the way.

For example, this upcoming Thursday, January 4 at 8:30pm EST I’ll host a live expert who’s a personal trainer and strongman to show you how to achieve peak athletic performance. Again, it will be LIVE, which means you can chime in and ask questions IN REAL TIME.

I’ll be doing more interviews just like this ONLY for members of my community (you will not find these anywhere else) so if you really wanna get ahead of the competition, join us in the Round Table, where conquerors are created.

P.S. If the link doesn’t work, email me at and just let me know you got this email and I’ll send you a link to access the group for free.

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