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Use this EASY HACK to Quickly Make Exercise a Habit

Years ago, I struggled to go to the gym.

I had no workout partners.

I had no encouragement.

I had no professional routine.

I simply had a desire to look like a superhero.

I taught myself a mental hack to build a habit that serves me to this day.

Remember that 1>0.

Something is better than nothing.

DONT make a goal to lift X lbs or do X activities.

Make the goal to just show up.

That’s it.

Literally, for one month, make your fitness goal to simply walk or drive to the gym.

You don’t even have to go inside.

But what’s the benefit?

I GUARANTEE that if you simply show up to the parking lot, you won’t feel bothered to turn around and go home.

At minimum, you’ll walk on the treadmill.

At minimum, you’ll lift a lightweight apprehensively.

At minimum, you’ll lazily stretch.

And that’s all that’s necessary.

Those minimum efforts build up over time and create a ripple effect.

Eventually, you’ll build the habit of showing up BUT you’ll get bored doing the minimum.

Then you’ll try harder.

And harder.

And harder.

And you’ll do more.

And before you know it, you’ll build up a habit and you’ll be moving toward the path of a great physique or greater health.

By the time you get to this point, you’ll look in the mirror and you’ll forget what the old you even looked like.

You’ll smile and welcome your new, elevated self.


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