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You Should Never Retire

I hear people mention their long-term goals and the endgame always seems to be a point where they don’t have to do anything.

There’s somewhat of a notion that the endgame is to relax on the beach everyday with a margarita in hand, not working and, by extension, not feeling stressed.

I hear this often but I think that mentality is incorrect.

From my experience, from reading, and from what I’ve observed, the idea of doing nothing is a flawed concept that we as humans cling to.

My belief is that, rather than seek a means to end the journey, you should continue to find activities and strategies that prolong the journey.

I’s not about doing nothing at all. It’s about finding things that compel you to act.

I sense that anyone and everyone, when given the opportunity to do nothing, will get amazingly bored and become depressed as a result.

Once upon a time, I met a gentleman in his 70s that was retiring as a police officer.

A year prior to retiring, every time I’d see him he’d explain how excited he was to not have to go into work anymore and “enjoy his life”.

He’d planned a two-week long vacation to celebrate his retirement.

Eventually, retirement came and I saw him several days before his vacation. He seemed excited at the thought of embarking on a new life, untethered to a job and able to finally be free.

I saw him after his two week vacation. However, he didn’t seem excited.

We spoke about his vacation and he admitted that the excitement died after a few days. He was bored.

He needed something to do.

There are many people who find this to be the case.

Ending the journey wasn’t a reward.

I believe the key is to never end the journey.

Always have a goal or dream you wish to strive for.

The pursuit of a goal will keep you going!

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