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8 Websites to Enhance College Life

The following is an article republished from my old website CollegeConqueror. The site was designed to provide valuable information to High School and College students but the information still works for adults. College life brings an onslaught of new challenges. As a Freshman, you aren’t given many resources to make life easier. Sometimes, you get through your entire college life without getting the proper tools--the tools that can truly enhance your college life and your life after college.

There’s a saying: Why work harder when you can work smarter? So below are 8 websites that’ll enhance the college experience and make life a little easier for you. Use these websites to start working smarter and free up your time for the activities you enjoy.

Take advantage of those college student perks that you might not have known you had. On, you can access tons of discounts and coupons on clothing, textbooks, and even dorm decor from a variety of stores like Forever 21, Barnes and Noble, and Express (just to name a few). There are even opportunities to make some extra cash by cleaning up any clutter taking up space in your apartment or dorm.

With you can hire an expert to review, revise, and even rewrite your paper. Unfortunately, this isn’t a free service so be sure to only use these resources if you have some extra cash or if you desperately need help. Also, be mindful of your university or college’s academic dishonesty policies to avoid getting into trouble. However, if you’re in a crunch and willing to fork over a few bucks then give it a shot.

Have a research paper but not quite sure where to begin? By typing a topic of keyword on, you can view a concept map that provides details, videos, and links to help you on your project or paper. With Instagrok, you can enhance your research quality and understand concepts easily. If you sign up--for free, of course--you can also save and store notes for later use.

An excellent study toll if you don’t know anyone in your class! allows you to seek advice from live people online and study with a variety of other students. There’s an expansive list of subjects to join if you have any questions about anything you may have missed or didn't understand in your class.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, choosing the proper professor is key to succeeding in college. is one of the best websites at your disposal as it allows you to see reviews of professors and classes. The best part is that the reviews are from your fellow classmates so you can get a very good idea of what you'll do in a specific class or with a specific professor.

Another excellent website! At, you can check out previous notes, quizzes, AND tests given by your professor. These tools will allow you to stay ahead of the game and plan your semester out accordingly, maximizing your time. But wait, there’s more! You can also search for internships and jobs using this website!

Some classes are just difficult and sometimes your professor can’t explain the content well. That’s where comes in! The videos on this site make it easier to grasp the content from your classes so you aren’t confused and can destroy your tests. There’s a wide variety of videos ranging from high school algebra to entrepreneurship. Take advantage of this site!

A personal favorite of mine. Quizlet allows you to make tests, quizzes, and notecards to enhance your studying experience--making information retention a hell of a lot easier! Make studying more fun by playing the games on Quizlet and viewing other users’ notecards.

Hopefully, these 8 websites make your college experience at least a little easier! Do you know of any useful websites? Be sure to share in the comments section! And of course, thanks for reading!


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