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I came across an interesting video, which you can view below.

I think as a society, we focus way too much on Double Standards.

I've found that double standards exist because (as we all understand deep down) men and women are not the same.

There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's a situation in which the diversity that exists between men and women is necessary for a thriving society.

But what's strange to me is when we ask WHY a double standard exists...

We don't really do this for any other animal or anything else in life. It's only for men and women. This video almost suggests that society compels women to be beautiful while it dismisses that in men. My theory: perhaps it's the other way around.

Perhaps throughout history (due to biology), a beautiful women was necessary for X, Y, Z reasons while a beautiful man wasn't. On the other hand, perhaps being a strong, tall, and muscular man was valuable while a strong, tall, and muscular female wasn't (for example literally look at 90% of all popular media and the main character that we're meant to like is almost ALWAYS strong, tall, and well-built).

To me, the more likely scenario is that as civilizations developed, some smart people figured they could Capitalize off our biology and use it to make money. I genuinely think it's that simple.

I don't think society created double standards. I think double standards always existed because they were necessary and society adapted to the double standards.

I'm curious to know other people's thoughts.

For any further reading related to this topic, below are some recommended books:

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