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Are You Partying or Pondering

In victory we party. In defeat we ponder.

This phrase always hits me hard.

I think there’s a balance of partying and pondering that we need to engage in.

Defeat is an interesting concept though.

I don’t find “defeat” to be synonymous with "failure".

I don’t even consider “defeat” to be a true negative.

I consider the word “defeat” to describe an event unfolding in a manner other than planned or anticipated.

Keeping this in mind, I imagine many of us would consider ourselves as being defeated in 2020.

Again...I don’t think that’s a bad thing...

Because in our pondering...we can discover lessons.

I’m sure 2020 has taught us all many valuable lessons and has likely forced many of us to shift the way we think and act—a pivot, so to speak.

So, what do you plan to do as 2021 begins?

Do you plan on partying...or pondering?

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