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Would You Rather Look Good or Be Good?

Would you Rather LOOK GOOD or BE GOOD?😈

Too many people live life for the validation of others.

We donate to charity only when we can film it and look altruistic.

We post pics with our significant other to pretend we have a perfect, movie-like relationship.

We post vacation pics and videos instead of just enjoying our trip so we can prove to others we have a significant life.

We spend far too much putting on appearance instead of simply living our philsophies.

Personally, I think being a good person is a double-edged sword.

If you're truly good, chances are your actions will go unnoticed and unrewarded.

This will be true because a good person isn't validation seeking.

On the flip side, you can signal virtue without actually being a good or virtuous person.

It's about what you value most...

Would you rather Be a good person or just Look like a good person?

The choice is yours? By the way, to see the full interview I did with David Pena from Atoka Realty, check out the full interview here.


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