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The Productivity Routine that Generated Monumental Success for George Washington

George Washington productive. In boat on way to battle

All great leaders and successful figures had an effective work routine to maximize their productivity.

I recently listened to a podcast on the life and accolades of George Washington.

Say what you’d like about some aspects of his life…

But I cannot deny when someone has earned their success or achievements.

As far as history is concerned, George Washington is legendary. And this is what truly matters. 

To become legendary, I’ve consistently seen that a routine is necessary. From Alexander the Great to Winston Churchill, to Napoleon, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger, greatness follows a great routine done consistently. 

Now, about his routine…

Washington would usually wake up early around 4 or 5 a.m. to get a kick start on the day before others were awake.

His day would begin by reading and writing letters, often correspondence related to military, political, or personal matters.

His first meal would usually come after some work was achieved. At this point, Washington has already tended to some of the most important and urgent matters.

By early afternoon, Washington would attend to estate management tasks, such as overseeing farming activities, maintenance, and construction projects at Mount Vernon. He would also meet with overseers, farmers, and estate staff to discuss operations and resolve issues.

By afternoon, Washington would have a brief lunch and continue work with administrative duties, which might involve meeting with political or military advisors, discussing strategy, and making decisions.

Finally, Washington would wind down the day with the small rocks — his personal affairs, such as reading books, writing in journals, or spending time with family and guests.

He’d usually retire to bed relatively early, around 9 or 10 p.m., to rest and make preparations for the next day.

As you can see, his routine was simple yet effective. And this same routine led to Washington being considered one of the wealthiest men in Virginia and, of course, the very first official president of the United States of America (among other successes).

Now, the question is…

Do you have a routine? And, if so, is your routine effective?

As the top productivity trainer in Virginia, someone who’s been featured in numerous publications and podcasts, someone who’s written multiple books before the age of 27, someone who’s hosted one of the top podcasts in Northern Virginia, and someone who’s used simple-to-follow productivity hacks to dramatically change his life, I attribute any success I’ve generated from a solid routine. 

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