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My favorite movie of all time is Limitless…

I’ve watched this movie hundreds of times. I’m obsessed with Eddie Morra, the main character. Or, what I should say is that I’m obsessed with the story of Eddie Morra.

He’s a “shadow” of mine…

(I’ll explain this concept at a later time).

But he has all of the traits that I’d like to have.

Multilingual… Well-groomed… Rich… Amazing social life…


The list goes on.

If you watch the movie, it would seem like the pill made him smarter. It was as if his motivation and intelligence gave him the tools he needed to create “The Good Life”. But I interpret things differently…

I think the pill has a secret superpower. Everyone missed the TRUE ability of the pill. The true value of the pill ISN’T increased intelligence.

It ISN’T amazing social skills… It ISN’T endless ideas to make someone rich overnight…

It ISN’T endless motivation… The true power of the pill is that it gives the consumer the BELIEF that they can do anything.

It makes you BELIEVE with absolute certainty that anything you want is possible. It makes you BELIEVE you are Limitless. After watching the movie hundreds of times, I asked myself: Why can’t we all be Limitless?



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