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To be Average is to be a Loser

You shouldn’t settle for average.

Especially not in the modern-day.

Average is low quality.

Average is a D, academically speaking.

Take a look at a group of 10 people and about 8 of them are average.

Only 2 will stand out.

But in the modern era, the standards have significantly dropped.


Take a look at the average man and he’s



Lacks ambition



Quite frankly, the average man is a loser by general human metrics.

Even the science is subpar these days.

The goalpost constantly shifts so no one has hurt feelings.

But let me be brutally honest.

You don’t deserve to feel good.

Because you want to be average.

You probably want to be a loser.

But there’s a bright side.

I, Leviticus, like to offer solutions.

The bright side is that in s world where everyone is so subpar, it’s easy to shine.

A healthy social circle

Exercise 3-5 times a week for 20 mins

A decent amount of money.

This is all that it takes.

So, here’s a challenge to you.

Are you going to live s life below mediocrity in obscurity?

Or are you going to prove your existence and actually stand out.

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