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You can only learn THIS by Losing

A failure will ingrain a lesson within you forever.

It gets etched in your subconscious.

A win doesn’t weigh the same.

Have you ever met someone that’s naturally good at a sport?

While everyone trains diligently, he can skate by.

Do the bare minimum.

And still be better than everyone else.

It’s a blessing and a curse.

Because he has the potential to be legendary…

If only he didn’t take his natural talent for granted.

But he’s foolish because over time, he loses to the worst athlete.

He’ll either rest on his laurels and lose his natural ability over time due to not training…

Or, the worst athlete out trains him and eclipses him in talent.

But THIS is the major issue…

If you don’t know what losing feels like and you’ve been stacking wins, a single loss might devastate you.

It could retire you.

But if you’re used to losing, you can only truly win.

The worst athlete can lose miserably.

It means nothing.

He’ll be back next Thursday…

Twice as good.

The natural…

His ego is destroyed after the first and only loss and he’ll lose his morale.



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