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What I Learned Meeting Jason Capital and Ryan Serhant

Around November of 2019 I met @ryanserhant (one of the stars of Million Dollar Listing) in Crystal City and it was enlightening.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to talk to him but meeting him was enough.

But what could be so great about meeting someone?

Prior to meeting Ryan, I absorbed his content consistently, watched his interviews, and read his books.

In both business and Real Estate, he was someone I modeled and tried to learn from.

Regardless, there was just something about seeing a role model on screen that was limiting...

There was still a barrier present.

It’s similar to meeting a celebrity in person.

It almost feels surreal.

But when I met him, despite the encounter being belief, something unlocked within me...

Simply put, I unlocked BELIEF.

Sometimes role models and heroes seem so distant that modeling them almost seems pointless.

If you’ve never even made more than $1000/ month, making millions of hundreds of millions seems impossible.

But meeting someone in person changes your perspective.

You’re not seeing them behind a screen.

They don’t seem like a myth.

They’re in the flesh.

They’re real.

And you suddenly feel like you can accomplish what they’ve accomplished.

A few months later I met @jasoncapital in California and he articulated what I felt—what the sensation was.

He calls this experience, “Environmental Exposure”.

If you’re reading this and you have goals, get out there.

Expose yourself.

If you want to be like your hero or role model, try to get near them and interact with them.

If not in person, try to meet directly through video and a prerecorded video doesn’t count.

Expose yourself and open your mind to the idea that anything is possible.

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