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Why You're Probably Not a Good Person

I often hear people say that they’re “good”. I interpret Good in this instance to mean “altruistic”. But true altruism requires immense honor and virtue.

At its core, the way I see it, to be altruistic requires a sacrifice. It requires the “good” person to willingly give up something beneficial to themselves.

In modern fiction, I find many superheroes to be truly altruistic.

They risk their lives for people daily. Most people don’t notice. Most people would take their acts for granted. Their identities are concealed so they never truly get any glory. And often, the sacrifices or casualties they face are immensely personal like the death of a loved one.

Most people aren’t truly as good as they believe themselves to be. Because inherently, most people prioritize their own well-being, emotions, and safety over others.

And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.



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