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[Opinion] Why Meetings and Networking Keep you Poor

man rejecting beautiful women in order to work

I’m picky about how I spend my time. 

If I don’t see a return on my actions, I usually don’t engage. 

People invite me to events, book clubs, hikes, and bar nights. 

Does it make me money?

Does it have a high probability of leading me to a good connection that will help me achieve my goals?

Does the event sound like more fun than I could have otherwise?

I ask myself these questions and if I can’t come up with an answer that motivates me to attend an event, I don’t attend. 

Some call it selfish. 

And it is selfish. 

Being selfish isn’t always bad. 

Understand that most people do what’s in THEIR interest by default. Very few people seek a true win-win where they’re acting in a manner that satisfies your win conditions and their win conditions. 

If others are playing the game selfishly, you should as well. 

My belief is that the truly successful and influential people don’t need to attend their local networking events and random meetings. 

People want to meet them. People want to know them. There’s competition to get on their radar because they’re so important. 

Imagine Jeff Bezos, Naval Ravikant, Joe Rogan, or even a President. 

Do you think they’re attending every meeting or networking event they’re invited to?

Of course not. They’re too busy. 

The value of the projects on their plates are worth more than a basic networking event. 

The value they offer is exponentially higher than the value anyone at those events can potentially provide. 

Be someone of value and attract others into your life. 

But how do you become more valuable?

  1. Achieve a well-balanced, in shape physique. 

  2. Understand how to manage your money and invest effectively. Money management is both a science and art that few effectively can grasp (even the wealthy people you know of). 

  3. Have a healthy social circle by drawing in people on the same page as you that want you to win. Everyone in your circle should have a positively vested interest in your success. And you should have an interest in their success. Don’t make your relationships a zero-sum game. Everyone can cross this finish line together. 

  4. Continue to learn new skills to increase your perception of the world. Every skills builds upon the others. Learn music. Learn art. Learn chemistry. Learn Physics. Learn Martial Arts. Learn Archery. Learn creative writing. Learn how to camp. These are all vital skills and they make you a valuable and well-rounded individual that others are drawn to. 

These are just my two cents. 

By the way, if you haven’t heard, my Better Life Blueprint is on sale for the summer. It contains the exact blueprint you can use to change your life in less than 30 days. I go over everything from how to get in better shape, how to manage your finances better and invest in real estate, how to date more effectively, how to develop a higher quality social circle, and how to hypnotize yourself into achieving more. 

Right now, the program, which used to be $499 is only $7. 

(I used to offer it for free but no one downloaded it. People only grabbed the program when it had a price tag between $5 and $499, oddly enough. Thank human psychology and the value bias for that. So, if you’re interested, I have to give it a price for most humans to associate a value to it. For now, I’ve settled at $7 to make it more accessible). 

Keep Conquering, 


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