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Security traps you in a box of your own design

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that we, as humans, prefer to trap ourselves in a box.

The name of the box: Security.

The lock: Fear.

We seek security because we fear the result of other options.

We remain in a job that we don’t like that sucks the life out of us because we fear a worse job.

We remain single instead of opening ourselves up to a new, potentially compatible, partner because we fear rejection or the emotional heartbreak that could come as a result of the relationship.

We shut ourselves off to new experiences because we fear disappointment. We fear the possibility that the experience won’t pay off.

We run away from the obvious activities that could tremendously increase our income because we’re used to the lifestyle we have, despite how dull or boring it may be, and we fear the potential responsibility or challenges that may come from more money.

We stay in terrible relationships with terrible people, both platonic and sexual, because we fear being lonely.

At our core, we fear change because change is uncertain. Humans dislike uncertainty as there’s the possibility of danger present.

The rustling of the bush could be just the wind...or a rabbit that we can eat...or a tiger that will pounce once discovered. However, this fear of change only comes from those of us that default to the negative.

We should understand that many of our decisions have a dual nature. While the negative outcome could occur, it’s also likely that a positive outcome could occur as well. The question then becomes: Which outcome am I more curious to see? Personally, I believe that in scenarios in which a better, favorable outcome is possible, it’s worthwhile to step outside of the box--step outside of your comfort zone--in order to discover what’s on the other side.

If you remain in your box forever, there will inevitably come a day when your mortality becomes apparent and you’ll realize that the space outside of your box was never truly that scary. Rather, it was your perception of the world outside of your box that made it scary.

So, how do you escape the box and become free?

Understand that your fears, at least the majority of them, are simple distortions of reality and not objective in nature. It's more likely that the rustling bush has no predators and actually has the treasure you seek...or it has nothing at all (which is fine).


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