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Test People Around You

Every good test comes unexpectedly, in realistic circumstances, and challenges your habits.

Tests in schools are flawed.

Tell a student a test is coming up…

Give them a week to prepare…

Watch them study for what they assume will be on the test.

Many will forget the majority of what they needed to know the moment they put their pen down.

Their default hasn’t been challenged.

They were given handicaps.

Pressure from authority…


Prior delivery of the answers or the location to find them.

But real life tests us every day.

It’s instant.

You don’t have time to look around and question if it’s a test.

You see a desperate-looking man drop his wallet.

He’s been having it rough lately.

Losing this wallet could determine if he’ll drive himself off a cliff.

You don’t know the man’s circumstances.

Do you take the wallet and keep it for yourself?

That’s the test.

If I asked what you would do and prepared you, you’d do what’s expected.

You’d give it back because you’re under the eye of scrutiny.

You had time to assess the situation.

But life comes fast and often your subconscious causes you to act faster than you can rationalize.

A good test comes out of the blue when you have to act quickly.

A good test simply looks like every other day.

As humans, our default setting is all that truly matters.

Any other momentarily enhanced or diminished version of yourself is irrelevant.



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