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This 1 Technique is a MAJOR Gamechanger

Years ago, while reading a bunch of philosophy books, I came across a game changing concept.


It’s a powerful technique to embrace…

But it holds a bad reputation.

I think all people should learn how to detach from 2 things at will.

1) People

2) Possessions

Remaining too attached to any person or any thing can be paralyzing.

By practicing detachment, you learn that everything is temporary…

You also learn that your emotions can handicap you.

Maybe you’re addicted to video games.

You KNOW you should be working on your health, or your business, or working on your social life…

But you’re too attached to video games.

My solution, the moment you sense attachment, cut that which holds you back…


Like a band aid.

I’ve literally had times when my games possessed me and I’d give them away or sell them without hesitation.

I needed to break free.

People are the same.

You might have a friend or several friends.

Maybe even relatives.

They hold you back.

They never want to improve.

And yet they burden you with negativity.

They enjoy the drama of a bad day but they have no ambition to change anything.

They’re fine repeating a mediocre life on an endless loop.

You want more.

But they guilt you and pull you from your desires.

You know what to do.

But you’ve known this person for 15 years…

Maybe even your whole life.

My suggestion…

Let. Them. Go. Fast.

You are your first priority and you’ll learn that in your journey, you can’t bring everyone with you.

Only by being able to detach yourself from people and possessions can you progress.

But understand that detachment does not mean killing your empathy.

You don’t need to be cold hearted.

Do you ever feel like an attachment holds you back?



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