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You'll Never Succeed Without Knowing These 2 Things

You need two things to be successful in life.

1. You need to know the value of your time

2. You need to know when it's time to delegate

I've seen many entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, real estate agents, etc. get fast wins by being disorganized but when it comes down to it, they shoot themselves in the foot.

They either crash and burn and end up worse than where they started...

OR they never make progress and repeat an endless loop.


Because they do activities that are literally below their pay grade and they don't outsource.

Personally, I rarely go grocery shopping.

It's too expensive for me.

Not because the food is too expensive.

Not because there's a fee to enter the store.

But because the amount I earn per hour is worth more than what it costs me to pay someone else to shop for me.

Let's say that you make $75/hr hypothetically.

Would you take 2 hours of your day to go grocery shopping?

If you do the math, that's ($150 + the cost of groceries + gas).

Now, instead, I pay someone $12 (flat fee) to shop for whatever I want. They simply drop it off at my front door and I put it in my fridge when it's convenient.

In the meantime, I work.

Instead of shopping, I'm editing videos. Creating and sending emails. Working with clients or potential clients. I'm brainstorming ways to grow my business. Or, I'm doing whatever else I want that's fun.

Not only have I saved a significant amount of money this way, I've maximized the value of my time by potentially INCREASING how much I'll earn in the long run.

This is a prime example of understanding the value of your time and delegating tasks to someone else.

Trust me when I say this...

All of the highest performers in life understand this concept and thrive by implementing these tactics.

If you don't use this strategy, you'll never truly succeed.

If you're interested in how you can directly apply this to your life, reply "I'm In" and I'll help you dominate in 2024.

Keep Conquering,


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