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You Need to Escape Your Cave

I often mention a concept I refer to as Caves… A Cave is simply a state of awareness. We’re always moving in and out of caves. The paradox of a cave is you can see others in a cave and they can see you. But you can’t forcibly pull someone from one cave to another. Some can be guided. But everyone needs to make a conscious effort to move from one cave to another.

Let’s take children for example. A child can only comprehend life a certain way. He has no bills… He has no internal conflict… He has no true identity that he wishes to stay congruent to or develop. He simply exists without much awareness. He’s in an early cave. An adult might see a young man that stresses about a high school dance and thinks the stress is benign. A young man can’t understand why the adult can’t empathize with his pain. The adult might stress out about money, achievements, making a dent in space-time… The child would never understand these goals.

He hasn’t seen enough caves yet. The old man doesn’t understand the stress and sees life as something merely to be enjoyed and appreciated. No status, money, or legacy matter. All different caves. And all different moments of comprehension.



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