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You're Working Dumb

People always say: Work smarter, not harder. 

There's truth to this. Working hard doesn't correlate to results.  A man can dig a hole for 14 hours straight. He can work his joints, muscles, and bones to death.  But if he's doing low-value activities, it won't make a difference. I used to work at one of the top law firms in Northern Virginia (the wealthiest county in the entire United States of America).  The lawyers there would sit on a computer all day in an air-conditioned, comfortable office. Some lawyers would take naps throughout the day. Some lawyers would run personal errands. Some lawyers took very long breaks.  They made more money than 99% of people in the country. Were they working harder than the ditch digger, the rock smasher, or even your average restaurant cook?  Probably not. But they were working smarter. But you...You're probably just working dumb. Not hard. Not smart.  Probably barely working at all. And that's likely because you don't even know what to do. You probably don't have a genuine schedule that you could tell someone at any given point in the day.  You're falling behind because you're not organized or structured.  But, the good news is this...It's easy to play catch up. It's easy to work smarter.  And I'll show you exactly how.  Below is a link to a free 30-minute video I made for you where I share my insanely simple 3-step process that has helped me write multiple books, create one of the top podcasts in northern VA, get my real estate license, and live a relatively stress-free life.  On this page is a link to book an appointment with me after you watch the video. If you do so, I'll personally help you create the perfect plan to work smarter and not waste 2024. If you are interested, click the link below and I'll see you soon. Keep Conquering,  Leviticus 

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