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Saving Money is POINTLESS!

Saving money is terrible advice.

This doesn’t mean you should always frivolously spend it…

Don’t waste it. Obviously.

But you should see your money as a tool…

As a utility.

I like to think of money as soldiers.

You have two ways to use your soldiers.

The first way is to have a group of untrained, undisciplined soldiers standing around.

No purpose.

No glory.

No activity.

Just waiting to die from the decay of time.

The second way is to use them to their potential.

Train them.

Allow them to reach their full potential both as individuals and as a unit.

Deploy them.

Make the mission to bring back prisoners of war.

Repeat this process infinitely until your army is worth mentioning.

Give your soldiers something to be prideful of.

Which one sounds better to you?

Most of you were taught to treat your army in the former manner and not the latter.

You were taught to put your money in a savings account or investment account.

Now, I won’t suggest that money should NEVER be held and invested.

Personally, I think if your income is anything less than $80k, it’s not worth investing.

Why are you not using valuable soldiers when your army sucks?

You’ve got training to do!

When I first moved to Virginia, I had almost no money and I literally didn’t have a job.

My first job in Virginia was at a local Brooks Brother where I made $11/hr.

It’s too tough to save such a small amount, especially considering hours weren’t constant and I almost never had the ability to work full time.

Still, I’d try to do what the books recommended.

I'd set aside $100 here...

Maybe $50 there.

If I was lucky, I’d add $150 to my Acorns account I was using at the time.

This was a TON for me at the time.

That was great until my car needed work or until the random apartment complex I lived at in college sent me to collections or until the store I tried to run on the side needed to issue a refund or pay for a violation…

Then it was time to dip into the Acorns account. My bank account was too low, no one could loan me money, and this was the only source of money I had at my disposal.

I’d cross my fingers and wait 3-7 business days, hoping I’d get the money sooner than later.

Anxiety and Stress were my siblings.

What I should’ve done was spend the $100 instead of putting it into Acorns. Spend it on Facebook ads... Spend it on getting on podcasts to advertise my store... Spend it on getting influencers to wear my products and gain visibility... I should've been SPENDING money to get a higher ROI.

At the time, I was making less than $20k/year.

What was I saving for? Retirement? Why the fuck would I wanna wait 70 years to retire? I want to retire TODAY! ASAP!

Even if I didn’t have to spend that money, the shot to my lifestyle combined with the time it’d take me to actually accumulate some significant money would GUARANTEE a miserable life.

Plus, the reality of money is that it’s like a beast to be tamed.

If you don’t have experience with it, it’ll consume you or you’ll lose it.

Even if you could accumulate a substantial amount by saving, most people would blow it…


They don’t have the skills to handle it.

My advice to you reading this…

Unless you’re making an adequate amount of money…

STOP saving it.

It’s pointless.

You won’t get rich saving.

You won’t even be relatively well-off saving.

At least, not in the near future.

And time is never guaranteed.

It’s never been a logical idea to be the richest man in the grave.


Also, if you’re interested in taking your day to the next level and learning the strategies used by top-level performers to maximize their day, click here.

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