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Sex Talks #8 - Men should eliminate their biggest weakness

In my journeys, I’ve noticed a common trait. Most men are weak to one thing. And that one thing is the potential pleasure from a woman. It’s quite fascinating when you think about it. I’ve seen men corrupt themselves for the possibility of sex. I’ve seen men betray and turn on their own friends and family for the possibility of sex. I’ve even seen men risk death or voluntarily die…all for the possibility of sex. This message is not anti-women but it is pro-men. The degree to which men in the modern era have become weak to the distant visuals of women stuns me. A man will scroll through social media. He’ll see a girl thousands and thousands of miles away dancing provocatively. She might be slightly scantily clad. And the majority of men will sacrifice their dignity, time, attention, and ambition just for the illusion that one day she might notice them. Deep down in the recesses of a man’s mind, he’s thinking…

“If I just tell her how beautiful she is, maybe one day she’ll notice me and pick me amongst the other 500,000 doing the exact same thing”.

It’s quite sad when you think about it. If you’re a man reading this, I’ve just revealed to you your biggest weakness. And since you’re aware of it, you no longer have any excuses to let it control you. It has been said that the chains of habits are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. And I think many men have allowed their weakest link--the excessive desire for sex--to become a strong link that holds them back. Effectively, this link is an anchor.

So heavy and strong that it keeps you immobile. While simultaneously holding you back from all of the greatness you could have and become in life. You know what to do.



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