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The Ultimate Lesson on Excellence from Odin in Norse Mythology

Earlier I mentioned that I considered Odin of Norse mythology to be fascinating...

I encourage you to read a little about him.

Or, watch some videos about him.

Do you know what makes him so intriguing?

No, it's not his command of all the other Norse gods...

No, it's not Gungnir, his spear that never misses...

And it's not his cool depiction as this one-eyed almost warrior sage (although let's admit, the one-eye warrior sage thing IS kinda cool).

What's most fascinating about Odin and what truly made him a threat is his quest for wisdom.

(Remember how I mentioned Odin has one eye? He sacrificed it to another god known as Mimir AND hung himself from a tree for several days without hesitation to gain knowledge. Look it up. It's a true story).

Now, obviously, you shouldn't be so extreme.


Take the lesson for what it is.

To be a leader...

To be excellent...

To truly weird POWER...

You need to have Wisdom.

Wisdom can be gained 2 ways.

1) By the teachings of others (the hard way)

2) By your own personal experiences and failures (the harder way)

How will you choose excellence for yourself?

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Think about every great leader, warrior, and legend and I can guarantee you their main key to greatness wasn't money, it wasn't just their strength, and it wasn't just their social standing.

They all sought knowledge and it was the information they gained that elevated them to greatness.

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