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How to Be Happier

Happiness is misunderstood. It’s an intrinsic and consistent state of well-being. It’s not a fleeting sensation⎼that’s joy. Joy is a temporary pleasure from external forces. Buying clothing brings you joy. Taking a vacation brings you joy. But once the activity ends, the joy drops alongside it.

And as you seek joy more frequently, more activity is required to reach a baseline level of joy. Happiness is internal and consistent. If you wake up, do absolutely nothing and find that nothing negative happens, this is happiness. Happiness is difficult to acquire because it requires immense levels of effort. However, this same degree of effort is also what makes it so valuable. In this article, I want to share with you several methods I’ve used to become a happier person. Once upon a time, I wasn’t very happy. In fact, I hated myself. While in college, I constantly battled with depression and feelings of inadequacy. However, using the strategies I share below, I managed to overcome my depression and currently live a very happy and fulfilled life. Again, I must reiterate, there is no quick fix or easy-to-consume pill that would make you happy. Anything that you can buy that directly creates a euphoric sensation is simply giving you joy and pleasure. But joy is not happiness. And too much joy too consistently will actually rob you of joy. Please keep this in mind as you read this article. Take time to do each of these and I guarantee you’ll feel great about yourself over time. If you utilize these strategies, you’ll find yourself being a much happier person.