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The ONLY reason to have money

I truly believe that the majority of people get money wrong.

Regardless of whether they’re rich or poor or somewhere in between, I tend to find most people misunderstand the true purpose of money.

Now, at the time of writing this, I’m not what one would consider “fiscally rich”.

I don’t have an insanely high net worth…

I don’t have tons of stock in a high-value company…

I don’t have millions in cash liquid in the bank…

And I don’t think it particularly matters nor do I think it discredits me.

I’ll converse with people that are rich and poor.

Both have varying mindsets toward money.

But the majority in both categories get it wrong.

I’ll speak to a rich person and they’re hoarders and misers. They earned their money by trading time for dollars and so they only see money in direct relation to work.

(By the way, there’s a difference between being Rich and being Wealthy).

This is the kind of person that thinks, “if I spend $100, that’s like working about 4 hours a day. No thank you”!

I find this mindset to be extremely foolish and useless…

I’ll explain why in a moment.

On the other end is the poor person.

They think being cheap and not spending money is the way to go.

This kind of person thinks they can save themselves to become rich.

Again, foolish.

Now, there’s more nuance to all of their behaviors, and not ALL poor people nor do all rich people behave this way or have this view on money.

This is a broad generalization of people I've encountered.

The thing they both miss is this…

Money is only worthwhile if it’s being spent.

Clinging to money is absolutely useless.

Why make money if you’re afraid to spend it?

My belief is that money is a tool.

It’s a tool to mitigate stress.

You shouldn’t have pride in simply having millions in the bank.

The pride should come from knowing that if a problem arises, you’ll fix it immediately.

No stress.

No hassle.

THIS is what TRULY makes one “rich” in my opinion.

If you make millions but you’re too afraid to buy a car you want, throw money at an accident as it occurs, or be generous to others on your dime, you’re a fool.

Your money is simultaneously scared and dead.

It can’t serve its purpose which effectively makes it nonexistent.

If you make very little and aren’t willing to mobilize your money in some way…

Investing in yourself…

Investing in a business or idea…


You’re a fool too.

Again, your money is scared and dead.

Remember, money is a stress mitigation tool.

But in order for the tool to work, it needs to be alive.

Too many people let their money die.

Dead money is the same as no money.



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