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You Must Master this Skill to Unlock Fulfillment

I think one of the best skills to have is the ability to Detach

Detachment may sound like it’s a toxic trait

But I’d argue the opposite.

Being too attached is detrimental.

In the modern era, we learn that it’s best to be attached to things absolutely.

But anything you’re attached to has a form of possession over you.

In some cases, being slightly possessed can be useful or neutral in effect

But in most cases, if you’re possessed by something, you won’t act in your best interests

One day, practice giving up something. Give up a lot that you’d find valuable.

I practiced this several years ago.

A partner that might be toxic…learn to immediately detach.

So-called friends that pull you into bad situations that aren’t conducive to your goals…learn to immediately detach.

Scarcity-minded thinking that causes you to penny pinch and become greedy…learn to immediately detach.

Your possessions that take up mental bandwidth or cause you to act incongruently solely to seek validation…learn to immediately detach.

I believe that once you understand you don’t really need anything, you can actively have a deeper appreciation for everything.

But this only comes when you actively detach from it.



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